Standard Home Series

This series includes 35-45 High definition images and a corresponding series of lower resolution images appropriate for MLS use.

Still images are built into a custom visual tour and placed on your youtube channel or ours as well as a separate landing page. An additional 15 double sided brochures with full bleed on card stock are included.        $265.00

Luxury Home Series
Package One

This series includes 40-60+ High Definition images and a corresponding series of lower resolution images appropriate for MLS use.  Included are twilight images when appropriate.


In addition, a fully integrated website is created for both mobile and desktop platforms along with a visual tour integrating both video and stills, and a corresponding 8 page brochure.




< Click on gallery to see individual images

Visual tour

This e blast is added to the website and

directed to your list of agents or a list of agents as provided by mls.

Click here to see sample of the landing page >

An additional resource for B2B exposure and used with your own intranet or database of peers who are aligned with the property.

Luxury Home Series
Package Two

This series includes all of the above and adds in a full video production, including drone footage and stills using full FAA compliant equipment and licensed pilot.

In addition, we create special print and

e-centric Broker Open invite second showing follow ups, hardbound books, closing gifts and individual landing pages for showings when possible.  Please ask for further information and special pricing options.




​I wanted to share a few samples of my work for your review that may be appropriate for your upcoming listing.    As mentioned above, I am a member of the Insitute for Luxury Home Marketing  and very comfortable brining this type of property to the forefront.

I can create any combination you like... brochures or website or visual tour all the way up to a full video as you see on the bottom of this page.  Of course, happy to do the phots as well.  Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what we are able to bring forward for your listing.  I do have a portfolio of different brochures and images that I have created and I ll be happy to bring those along when we meet.  Feel free to wander about the website as it has a host of topics.

Feel free to give me a call anytime.​

I look forward to working with you.

Martin Yeager

303 668 9373