video review

A story version video though I tend to  shy away from this conceptbut it may have more appeal to the seller.  The short voice over is effective at the end...

This one was one of the first "story" videos to gain national attention on network TV.

 This style reminds me of an out of body experience... I expect to see a spirit rising out of the body laying in the front yard and then floating through the home for one last visit... and waaayy too long

A bit jazzier version created by film students in LA for an agent.

All video and music, no stills, no story

An improvement over the Blair Witch Project style of bad real estate videos  I decided not to post the really bad ones...

and the envelope please....the most watched real estate video......

These were my first workings with voice overs.   The one on thr right features a concept of "success attracts success" - breaking the unspoken rule of defining the previous and current owners.  It is the current homeowners voice for the voice over and her own words.

Here are four videos of mine that blend in actual video yet keep the still in motion.   This concept has resulted in far better audience retention than my earlier versions which were literally more  tours than presentations.

The lower videos I collected from across the real estate spectrum.    Just a sampling of what is being done out there beyond Denver.   The Austrailians win the number of views but not quite in line with your philosophies!