Good morning Gwenivere,


Here are samples of my work as it applies to your listings.  i did spend some time going throug your previous presentations and feel that taking the work up a ways would be beneficial.    I do appreciate the loyoalty you expressed earlier to your current photogpraher - and he does do great work.  if I may, I do think there needs to be a greater level of continuity in the entire presentation, from images to copy, to video etc.  i know that it makes far better sense to stay with your current provider for your listing on Snowberry and I would be glad to help move those imagges into a stronger marketing segment.  I ll touch base this morning but here are samples.  Please feel free to browse through my site as i belive it shows the concepts we will be disucssing,



Martin Yeager

303 668 9373


Outside page
Inside page
Brochure printed two sided with full bleed and then scored to fold to 8.5*11
Inside page
8 page version and website
mini movie